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[ objective ]
Establish, through legislation, a mechanism for effective management and funding of the biosciences, medical and healthcare industry sectors that will speak as a singular voice and act as a coordinating entity in acquiring and developing projects needed to grow academic research and commercialization.

profile ]
The Greater New Orleans Biosciences Economic Development District was created to receive dedicated public and private funds to assist with increasing research and training dollars and fully enhancing translational interdisciplinary biosciences and to act as a link to private sector life sciences companies around the state.

role ]
Develop all supporting collateral (FAQ, lobbying and media strategy, presentations) for internal and external stakeholder information.
Coordinate with consultants and partner institutions on issues clarification.
Support GNO, Inc. staff with research, policy
information and white papers.
Provide strategic input at all phases of development.
Review post-Katrina biosciences plan and submit recommendations for plan content and structure.