Kracke Consulting - Ideas, Solutions, Execution
Looking for a dynamic partner?
A strategic ally?
A fresh perspective?
A suite of skills that lends itself to almost any problem?
Looking for someone who gets things done with value added?

STOP LOOKING. [You found her.]

Innovative & Original IDEAS
Thoughtful input and creative insight to
improve your plan or objective.

Unconventional & Bold SOLUTIONS
Unique resources and extensive networks to solve
your business or project challenge.

Passionate and Tenacious EXECUTION
Artful technique and intrepid implementation to
ensure your goal is efficiently realized.

Marketing & Communications [corporate positioning, image assessment, identity consulting, PR and special promotions]
Special Projects [coordination and management, short
and long-term]
Writing [proposals, reports, presentations, articulating vision, mission and goals]

A seasoned marketing professional, Sarah Kracke brings over 25 years working with local, regional and national companies to define and communicate their brand. As a consultant, she possesses a keen ability to contextualize and assimilate quickly--plugging in seamlessly in order to provide cohesive support. (In other words, she stands out by blending in.) With experience working in the executive branch of state government, private and non-profit sectors, Sarah leverages practical and applied skills across a range of strategic needs.
What’s your challenge?!